Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Report

The list of knit gift recipients continues to grow as the allotted time in which to complete them continues to shrink. I started the holiday season with three people in mind, then it quickly bloomed to six. And then I felt an urgent need to knit a baby set of legwarmers, mittens, and a bonnet for a baby that won’t be arriving until March. I’ve finished two of the original gifts and two of the later additions, which leaves me with, yup you guessed it, two unfinished gifts.

One is a pair of socks that I’m 70% finished but man it’s a slog. The mindless rib seemed like a good idea at the time. Then I knit two pairs of socks that way and I’m really just over it. The other gift is more of a happy just because present since I wont see them between now and Christmas and I don’t want them to feel obligated to reciprocate.

Audio book wise, I’ve begun Dragons of the Dwarven Depths by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Wait, I think my geek flag is showing a little here. I still have a couple of hours left on Atlas Shrugged. I’m past the big speech and it just seems anti-climatic at this point. I also listened to the first Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead until Dark by Charlaine Harris. I thought it might be fun since I enjoyed the first half of True Blood so much. Yes first half. The show just fizzled out for me at the end of season one. I won’t not watch seasons 2 & 3 but I wont go crazy searching for them. When they’re streaming on Netflix I’ll check them out, but not before. Oh and the book was even more graphic than the shows. I bit too much for me. But I must say, the show did an excellent job bringing the books to life.

I’m off to work so I can knit on the remaining sock at lunch. Have a pleasant Tuesday!

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