Saturday, March 20, 2010

Movie Reviews

I loved Up In The Air! Thought provoking and acceptable not happy ending. Maybe I felt that way because I've had the experience of being laid off, and of being up in the air. And yes I did think that flying was a clever metaphor. Very unusual for me to get behind a movie like that. Much better than Leatherheads. And could GC be any better looking?

In other news, 2012, not so much. I had heard it would be watchable since the main characters were OK. Not an end of the world movie since people survive. Yeah, no. I have decided I have absolutely no tolerance for death of any sort. Death is unacceptable in something that should entertain me. But really. I'm too sensitive. Absolutely No Death. "I promise I will never die!"

Two points for you if you know what ridiculous movie that quote is from.

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