Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tour Prep

So the Tour De France is a bit more challenging than I anticipated.

Stage 1: Update…
I’m leaning toward finishing the Lutea-Lace Tank. At this point I’ve knit 14” and am ready to split off for the armholes. Since adopting the challenge I’ve knit one row. I’ve been “working” on this tank since April. Clearly I need some motivation to push me to finish it.

Stage 2: Update…
After a few hours of searching I located a Bergere de France sock yarn in a color I liked from a UK seller that accepts PayPal. So that is on it’s way. I also found “Springtime in Paris” which was inspired by the designers visit to France and the façade of the Eifel Tower. If I can get a copy of the pattern I'll do this.

Stage 3: Update…
Sacre Blue this is difficult! If I had done a bit more research I would’ve realized that Jacquard is a type of woven fabric. I mean really, I’ve taken the Textile Science courses at the SFD in Boston, I should have recalled that this is woven on a LOOM! But never fail, I will come up with a creative solution. Typically Jacquards are tonal floral designs in satin or some other shiny finish (think of bedspreads and fancy curtains). I may whip up a wine cozy with flowers spiraling up the sides in two shades of purple or something like that. I may also follow Nightlyknitter’s “Zig Zag Jacquard” pattern for a washcloth. But that doesn’t really fit my grandiose scheme for the Tour De France.

Although, completing a sweater, a pair of socks, and dishcloth for the Tour as well as a pair of socks for Year of Favorite Socks my We shall see.

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