Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Samaritans

On Tuesday Julie & I went shopping for some last minute supplies for this weekend’s tradeshow. We spent close to an hour in one store and as we went to pay, I noticed that my wallet was not in my purse. Panic!!!

We checked with nearly every employee, left a description of the wallet with lost and found, tore the store apart from one end to the other searching under displays and the like. After an hour of searching, with Julie pushing me to look just once more, just once more. We gave up the wallet as lost. I mourned and canceled all my credit cards. I called the bank to report the loss and was promptly asked for my account number. I’m sorry, what part of “I don’t have my wallet” was confusing”

At 9:00 when I got home for the day, I had 9 messages on the answering machine. The Boyfriends father, the furnace repair man, the bank, The Boyfriend, and…then the phone rang so the machine shut off. I spoke to my mother, what was in her wallet? What was I forgetting to cancel or replace, oh yeah insurance cards. OK, back to the machine, father, furnace, bank, Boyfriend, a store employee saying they did not find the wallet, and a woman named Jackie. Jackie sounded a little strange and a lot older. Her message was, I hope I have the right person. I want to talk to you about your wallet. It reminded me of a parent saying, we need to talk about your behavior.

Anyway, with a little help from a friendly off-duty police officer, my wallet was picked up that night about an hour away. Turns out Jackie needed something at the store, saw my wallet in the parking lot and picked it up “to prevent any perverts from stealing it.” Jackie then had to have her hair set as most older women tend to do. Between dinner and the time it took to track down my phone number, it’s a miracle that my name is even on the phone listing, it took a few hours before she could call!

Yesterday the police officer returned the wallet to me, fully intact, including $12 and about $300 worth of gift cards.

What are the chances that I’d even get my wallet back? Let alone fully intact? I guess the world isn’t as scary a place as it appears to be on TV. Although, I don’t recommend loosing your wallet just so you too can have warm and fuzzy feelings. The Boyfriend things I should get one of those long chains and clip my wallet to my pants since I seem to be prone to misplacing it.

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