Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Lu!

I've been working on the Manwell tonight. I’m decreasing down the sides and it’s a bit of a challenge. I had to rip back about 4 rows. Which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. You know what was extremely unpleasant? Picking up 117 stitches with size one needles. Oy!!!

We’ve been cat sitting for Miss Lulu & and her much older “sister” Walter. They are night and day. Lulu is just about 6 months old, remember when Meow Meow Head and I went to Pennsylvania to get her? Who would've thought that that little chatter box would turn into such a big beautiful girl! She’s already taller and longer than Linus, just not as filled in. As you may remember Lulu is a Savannah. Which I must remind me myself of whenever I see her, since I can’t help but wonder at “what a funny looking Devon Rex she is!” The Lu, is wild and crazy and makes strange noises which are hilarious and make her all the more endearing.

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