Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who's Knitting?

Today I was listening to the Knitty D and the City Podcast from Rhinebeck 2006. It brought a smile to my face and reminded me of what a great time I had last fall with the girls. I can’t wait to go again!!

Speaking of knitting. Who has been knitting? It’s definitely not me. I’ve done some swatches for work and slogged my way through a single sock. What’s up? Where did the knitting mojo go? It’s not that I don’t want to knit, I do. I just have too many other pressing things on my plate.

I watched the movie Twilight tonight. Let me preface and say that I find vampires interesting as a general rule. I had previously tried to listen to the audiobook but found the teenage angst just a little to shrill and aggravating. Perhaps it hit too close to home, being transplanted in high school and not so happy about it. I lived through that uncomfortable experience and didn’t enjoy listening to an author unsuccessfully depict the depth of sorrow that goes along with those experiences. Instead of insecure and scared, Bella seemed whiny and cold. And it really bothered me how wrapped up she was in her interactions with Edward before he was even speaking with her. I didn’t make it past the first third of the book. But you know I’m not a thirteen year old girl and if I remember right, that is pretty much all they think about…

Over the past few months, so many of my friends have read and loved the book, though. Even VS who is not mushy and not into fantasy stuff, thought it was a great book. I rethought my anti-Twilight sentiments. People started giving it ok reviews, people who hadn’t even read the book. So I thought I should give it another try. Without the hype, I would give it a C+. Much better than the book in terms of dealing with Bella’s move and interactions with Edward, less infatuated on her part. It was visually pleasing but I just can’t wrap my brain around a 100+ year old man falling for a 17 year old girl. That’s a huge age gap. I know I know, Buffy and Angel were the same thing and I bought that. I was younger, Angel was older and more worldly than Edward. The best part about Twilight is that it reminded me of how much I used to love Angel and it made me want to rewatch that series, and Firefly, and I really need to watch that Dr. Horrible thing…


Jasmin said...

I think the biggest difference between the Edward/Bella thing and the Buffy/Angel thing is that Buffy didn't just melt away after Angel left.

She was bummed, but she continued to kick butt. Me? I'm much more of a Spike girl. ;)

MarieAngel said...

Interesting. My daughter who is usually NOT into the mush loved the books. She brought them over for us to read and neither one of us could get into it for the same reasons you have. The movie was interesting, I liked the interaction between the characters. Same as you, I found her whinny and self centered in the book.
And as far as bringing back memories, yes, We're now re-watching the complete Buffy series because of the Twilight movie. Joss Whedon rocks as far as we're concerned. We are also going to re-watch the complete series of Angel, followed by Firefly in that order.
I don't know if you've watched Dollhouse yet. If you haven't, watch the first few episodes and bide your time. Once you're past the "let's keep the network happy" episodes, the show gets better and you can see Whedon's hand in the script.

Micoux said...

Hey Sam-
Glad to finally find someone with sense who agrees with me! :0) I found it irritating like a silhouette novel for teens. While I was interested in finding out what happened in the story, I found her wimpiness horrid. I tried five pages of book two and could not stomach, the pink, pink birthday party and Bella conveniently slicing her finger on wrapping paper only to be hovered over by the vampires. Really. I am ashamed at my adult friends who found this to be reading!! I hate books like that where the woman is a wuss and in this case, Bella is so sallow and pathetic. You think she is moving to her father's because of some tragic issue and it's because her Mother doesn't have time for her?? UGHHHHH!! Back to knitting!