Thursday, April 23, 2009

If U Foxtrot

Have you heard the new Britney Spears song? The Boyfriend pointed it out to me. If U Seek Amy is the ohhh so cleaver (wry smile and rolling my eyes as I say that) creative spelling of that harsh four letter word. Say it again fast…If U Seek Amy.

Could she have cried out for attention any louder? Maybe 5 years ago “all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to…” but not now, not with her crazy antics and loss of status as jail bait. And please, that’s as original as you could get? That’s the best you’ve got to offer? That’s what you want to put your name and brand behind? That’s what you want your kids to hear? You can’t just allude like everyone else, you have to spell it out? How desperate are you!?!?!

But you know what’s funny about my indignation and disgust over this song?

The Bloodhound Gang did a song in 2005 called Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo which was chock full of euphemisms for the deed. (Did you get what the acronym is?) It’s hilarious!!! I know all the words and would not be offended if a 10 year old were to sing the lyrics. While it appeals to the lowest common denominator it is amusing. I guess the big difference is that Foxtrot acknowledges that it’s a joke and doesn’t try to hide what they’re saying. They say it and they laugh.

Britney just went way too far beyond the tasteful line while pretending she didn’t even see it there. Please!

And you know what drives me the most crazy? This is exactly what she is looking for!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!! Pulling out my hair and calling it a day!

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