Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vicious Cat Attacks

Today I had to rip back 4” from my Starling sock. I didn’t like the angle of the pattern and it wasn’t breaking up the stripes the way I wanted. As I sat at the dinning room table, ripping out my sock, and gazing at The Boyfriend asleep on the couch (he had his wisdom teeth out yesterday), a pair of Devon Rex took notice of the steadily increasing pile of yarn on the floor.

They shifted from their respective positions in the room, moving closer to the pile in order to gain a better vantage point. Their eyes followed the yarn as it flew down to the floor and past their eager faces. Their tails began to whip back and forth. And the bigger one cocked his head. I should’ve known what would happen next. Yes you guessed it, Mac grabbed the yarn and ran, with no regard for the tangling of yarn around his back foot. Linus took off after him not wanting to miss any of the fun. Mac played for a moment and I began to wrap the yarn around the original skein of yarn.

The bobbing motion of the yarn as I pulled it up and around the skein was equally appealing. Mac chased the yarn with the original section around his legs, the toe of the sock danced across the floor with the needles making a seductive clacking noise that was too much for Linus to resist. He pounced on the unsuspecting toe and shook the needles.

In the end the toe managed to survive although it was touch and go for a while. You never know how vicious cat attacks will turn out.

Is he not the cutiest Devon EVA?!?!?!

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