Friday, August 7, 2009

Even after driving for 10 hours

Even after driving for 10 hours I was able to knit. Actually I did quite a bit of knitting in the car with Adan curled up on my lap. Isitt was a brat the entire time but Adan was a dear little angel. This afternoon we help setup the show hall and oh did I mention that there is a yarn shop less than 2 minutes from our hotel? Yeah I’ll be visiting there at some point this weekend.

The Boyfriend did choose his three favorite pictures from Glacier which I thought you might enjoy.

My favorite!!!! There might be something to this nature walking stuff. Although I'm not sure I could knit and walk but the views are amazing!


Shary said...

Best of luck to all of you at the show tomorrow. And need I say, I hope the yarn shop has lots of cool stuff!

SEAandME said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! Where was this again?

Mychawd said...

Glacier National Park in Montana.