Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yay Energy!!

I'm happy to report that I've had two consecutive days with surplus energy. It's just like The Communicator said, after two weeks your body adjusts to a new schedule. (Ok it was more like 3 weeks for me, but still.) I'm just happy that I can get through the evening without feeling completely exhausted. Yay!!!

I've done a bit of knitting today. Currently I have all multi-colored socks on the needles, I have other things too but in terms of socks, they're all multi. I'm really leaning toward solid socks in more muted colors. I've had to do a lot of alternating skeins to prevent pooling which is also pushing me away from multi colored socks. Here is the Fibranatura Yummy yarn I just got. It's a great green; I might have to cast on sooner than anticipated.

Tomorrow I hope to take some updated WIP pics. We'll see if I can break away at lunch and find a sunny spot for a photo shoot.

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