Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two things...

I’ve been listening alternately to I, Claudius by Robert Graves and Fire Burning by Sean Kingston. The podcast Gives Good Knits recommended I, Claudius and she’s never disappointed me wrong on a book before, so I downloaded it and truly enjoyed listening to the stories of intrigue among the Julio-Claudian dynasty the ruled the Roman Empire from Julius Caesar to Claudius. The Fire has been burning in my car and at my desk. I know his lyrics are trite but something about his rhythms get me every time. The Boyfriend objects to his frequent use of the word shorty.

Secondly, I’ve been able to do some knitting, hallelujah!!! The 4 hour car trip to central Maine in a convertible with no AC on a day when it was 90 degrees did allow for some knitting. Due to the wind gusts I had to adjust my grasp on the yarn to prevent it from jumping all over but things worked out. I have been 95% successful knitting every day. These are my Coach McGuirk Monkey Socks knit with the yarn I dyed a couple months back. This yarn is nice to knit with although I wish I’d used a shampoo to help rinse out the dye because there is a weird texture to the yarn and I’m pretty sure it’s something chemical that I can rinse once the socks are finished. Note to self for future endeavors.

OK now to see KnK and hear their ‘exciting news’. I wonder what it could be?

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Shary said...

Who's KnK and there's got to be a good story behind a 4 hr ride in a convertible. Perhaps the topic for another posting?