Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Check out some post Christmas sock knitting

Check out some post Christmas sock knitting.
First is the Twinkleberry sock in Knit Picks Felici. This yarn is threatening to become my favorite sock yarn. Its super soft and the color changes mean I want to knit just four more rows to get to the next color and the next and the next.
I’m also using the Knit Picks Essential for these Baudelaire socks. I’ve mentioned them before. I think it’s the same base yarn since it just glides through my fingers and knits up so soft. Are you noticing the purple theme? The Boyfriend picked out the Eggplant color. He thought it was me and thought two 100gram skeins were better than one. Yes the color is ‘me’. I already have enough for a pair, and after Christmas I have enough for 3 maybe 4 pairs. I’ll have to space them out but I don’t think I’ll tire of the color. It’s such a rich saturated semi-variegated shade of deep purple.
And lastly these are the Thuja socks with Berroco Comfort.
I’ve never knit with a 50/50 nylon acrylic blend. The yarn itself is spongy and perhaps too thick for my standard size 1.5 needles. The pattern is super mindless, vanilla socks by some standards. Just enough to keep them interesting. The color is a steal grey. Not the best choice for mid winter but what are you going to do when the men in your life request grey socks? I’m curious to see how warm these are compared to my usual yarn of choice 75/25 superwash wool and nylon.

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Shary said...

Same pattern for the first two pairs? What pattern is it?