Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm not that into you!

Socks Socks and more socks. And when I said I wanted to knit lace this month, clearly I meant socks. It’s been a busy couple of weeks and socks are the most convent thing to knit. Although I didn’t knit at the Frozen Fenway game this past Friday. It was a bit too cold at 20 degrees to be moving the needles. But I lasted through the entire game with hand knit socks, mittens, hat, and scarf (none of which matched). The only part of me that was cold was from my knees to my ankles…can you say legwarmers?

I’m not sure where that’ll leave me in terms of this months challenge, but the month is still young.

The final Christmas present was delivered this week. It was a success! Fit perfectly and she loved the color.

I'm going on a rank now, so stop reading if you not into that!~

We saw Sherlock Holmes and I worked on some baby stuff (lots of pregnant friends, what’s up with that?). It’s definitely a renter. Interesting plot but a bit long and definitely not worth 20 bucks. When did the price go up to 20 bucks!?!!?! I was shocked. I’ve resolved to leave The Boyfriend behind on future movie events. Then it’ll be half price! No just kidding! Well it would be half price but that’s not nice to do to him. Speaking of husbands, I watched “He’s Just Not That Into You” this weekend. Man that movie really wound me up. The women were just so dense. And the whole premise centers on the idea that as children girls are told that boys hit them because they like them. And that as adults that translates into indifference means they like you. Hello, gaping logic flaw…indifference is not the same as aggression. I should’ve turned it off at that point. Then the movie proceeds to portray women as un-insightful and completely willing to accept poor treatment from the men in their lives. The final kicker was that the three women who assert themselves end up unhappy and alone, or caving to their boyfriends demands. The other main character is the “exception” and gets the guy she wants. I’m so frustrated about the portrayal of women in this movie that I would not recommend to it anyone.

How’s that for some soap box time? I hate to be a Debbie Downer but I really needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for listening. I’ll be back soon with a happier more knit-centric post.

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Anonymous said...

oh wow! did you see the Bruins or BC/BU game! How exciting and, I think you need leg warmers! LOL AP