Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mac's Cloche

I have a finished non-sock object to report on. I just finished the twist on the Sideways Grande Cloche by Laura Irwin from Boutique Knits. The Boyfriend gave me the book for Christmas so I could make this hat. I used the yarn my parents had given me for my 28th birthday, Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky in what I think of a Turkey Red. I was worried as I was knitting it since the construction is unusual but it turned out wonderful. It is a seriously heavy hat and very warm. I love it with my black coat. MacOban enjoyed the winding of the yarn ritual. When did he learn not to fight it and just ignore me as I torture him?

The socks are still rolling along. I’m almost up to the heel increases on the second Baudelaire sock. I mustn’t forget to go up a needle size once the sole of the foot is finished.

Also there continues to be a lack of lace knitting. Maybe I’ll cast something on tomorrow…

Today was supposed to be a giant storm 6-9 inches starting at 5pm. As of 8:30 it had only rained for a little bit this afternoon. I was so excited to hear the musical sound of the plow trucks tonight. It’s been such a drab non-snowy winter. So I’ll be spending the rest of the evening working that heel, gazing out the window, listening to KIPing It Real Podcast pausing occasionally when I think I hear the sound of a big diesel engine outside.

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Shary said...

Love the hat. Very stylish.