Friday, January 29, 2010

Confessions of a repentant knitter

Here we are January 29th. The month is over and I’ve yet to touch anything lace-esque. After Christmas I launched into a sock knitting frenzy. Yet, the end of the month sees nothing completed. A day was spent working on a UFO which resulted in the completion of the first sock and beginning of the heel on the second. I’ve finished an alpaca cloche hat for myself. I’ve begun a sweater for myself (the Placed Cable Aran from Interweave Fall 2007) and an insane number of baby items. Baby hats are flying off the needles and baby socks are slowly appearing. I have to have something to post on the 52 Pair Plunge. IN case you are interested I’m 17 pairs in when I should be on my 29th pair if I were to be on par with a pair a week.

What to do about this lack of lace? Well the SK’s have opted to have a knit along for the Twinnings shawl starting February 1st. I’ve skeined my yarn and am considering jumping in. The Haruni shawl looks more interesting to me but the peer pressure may serve as a better lace incentive. After completing my first shawl and finding it too small to wear my momentum to complete lace was drastically reduced. The Enforced has encouraged me to re-block (stretch) it and see if I can get it to the correct measurements. We’ll see.

The Boyfriend is back at school which means I have two free nights a week. I’ve also started shopping for a MOH (Maid of Honor) dress for the VS & Zissou wedding. Shopping isn’t really my thing, I’ve ordered two dresses but I’m starting to think a trip to David’s Bridal would settle the matter completely. I’m sure they’ll be more on the wedding to come. A couple weekends ago, VS and I, and a bunch of other ladies, went to see a potential wedding band perform. I was highly amused when the lead singer came to the table (he knew why we were there) to say hi. VS implied that she and I were glad that we could see them before our wedding. Our Wedding!?!?! I held it together until he left but lost it afterwards since yes it is technically “a wedding we’ll both be in” but we’re not getting married. It still amuses me!

Hopefully they'll be better than this wedding singer.

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OMG that is terrible! Is that a SNL clip? Your TM