Sunday, May 30, 2010

Plan for The 52 Pair Plunge IV

Last year I went into this without a plan. Just a loose idea that I wanted to work through the Interweave Favorite socks book.

I started off strong with a pair a week and then fell behind. I will still end the 52 Pair Plunge III with 23 completed pairs. Just shy of 52 single socks.

I know I’ll do better going into this year with a plan. So here are the four goals I’m going to knit by.

  1. Finish the 3 WIPs and 8 pairs of hibernating socks I currently have on the needles. One of those pairs is from April 2009. Really it’s time to finish it.

  2. I currently have give or take 90 skeins worth of sock yarn. Enough to make 90 pairs of socks with lots of remnants. I will not stop buying new sock yarn but what if I can only knit the new after I’ve completed a pair with the stash sock yarn. Imagine if I cut the stash down by 26 skeins? That’d be a good part of a yarn bin free.

  3. Knit more with DK weight yarn. I’ve never knit a DK weight sock but it couldn’t hurt to make a pair of house socks for The DH, Mum, Dad, & Myself. Those will be quicker than regular socks.

  4. For every full size pair I knit, knit a pair of kids socks. Not baby socks. Those are so small they’re useless. Kids socks that I can give to Sophie or Simon or put away for some future child.

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Pam said...

How about a few pairs of Thuja socks for holiday gifts?
Size 6 needles and aran weight yarn!!!