Monday, May 10, 2010

Sweater Tallie Ho

I started the Transverse Cardigan a month a ago. I flew through the arm and promptly realized that if I wanted to this sweater to be all that it could be I would need some more yarn. As per usual I would lengthen the body and perhaps the sleeves. I decided this after I cast on because I fell in love with the yarn. I had selected Classic Elite’s Four Season Print as the perfect tweed yarn. Primarily cotton with 30% wool to give the yarn just enough elasticity to be pleasant to work with. Turns out that this yarn has been discontinued, probably because of lack of popularity as only two other people on Ravelry had this color way in their stashes. I contacted them both and after a bit of discussion Kari agreed to part with her six skeins. Giving me a total of 1,600 yards. More than enough to tweek the pattern and have leftovers. Few, crisis averted. The yarn arrived yesterday and although they are different dye lots it matches what I already have.

Now that I can breathe easy and knit without worry, I’ve picked the sweater back up. I have about 3” of the body finished. So far so good. Want to know what I’ve done to alter the pattern? First I lengthened the front and back so they’ll hit a little lower on the hips. Using a Magic Cast On to join the side seams and save myself the hassle of sewing them together when I am finished. I’ll have to use kitchener on the other side since technically there isn’t a seem on the first side.

Wednesday I’m embarking on a ten hour road trip with three coworkers. It’ll be interesting if nothing else. I’m sure I’ll make some serious headway on this and the Soft Linen Sideways Lace Vest which I haven’t touched in just as long.

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