Friday, February 22, 2008

Challenge Yourself nearly complete

Time flies when it's straight garter stitch. I spent about four hours on Sunday sitting at the kitchen table, listening to SKK podcasts and sewing the Baby Girl Alpaca Soft Blanket squares together. I did however have the help of my two lovely assistance. With the sewing complete it's just a matter of picking up stitches for the boarders and doing 7 rows of garter stitch on each side. Last night I bound off the last stitches on the last side so I'll complete the February Challenge with time to spare. Assuming I can weave in those ends and block it before the month is over.

This brings me to thoughts of the March 5SKSO Challenge. I will be knitting 5 one SKein projects as well as attempting my first pair of SOcks. Hence the 5SKSO Challenge! I'm not so worried about 5 one skein projects. That's about 4 Saturdays and a Sunday but I have no idea how long socks take. I'm anxious to start and glad that there will be a quasi knit-along with the girls from the Webs trip as we all bought the same OnLine Pink Sock Yarn. Although the socks will be different sizes and patterns we'll all be doing socks.

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