Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Delay

It snowed last night! It snowed a lot! 8" worth. This may not sound like a lot but when you get up and look out the window to see the snow piled up to the nose of your car it's surprising. So naturally I raced back up stairs at 6:02am, bleary eyed and avoiding the cats that love to try and trip me on the stairs. I ran into the bedroom and proclaimed "It's snowed!" My hopes were high. My heart was racing. Could it be, could today be a snow day!

It may be worth noting that my development stopped at 5 years old in relation to the snow. I am still delighted to see it and thrilled by the sound of plow trucks. Once, during the summer Steve taunted me, saying he'd heard a plow truck. I raced to the window. I still marvel at the snow and the joy of a snow day. Where most adults despise shoveling, cleaning the cars off, and driving in the stuff, I am anxious at the hope of an unplanned day to myself, completely unexpected and wholly mine.

Back to this morning, I hurriedly dialed the Cancellation Line, to see if it could be one of those special days. The message is different, something has happened, it could be something special..."Due to weather conditions...delaying operations until 10am" heart sank just a little. At least a delay is better than nothing at all. The boyfriend was not amused by my early morning antics which disturbed his last few precious moments of sleep.

The February Challenge is... well time is passing and I'm knitting but just not as focused as I'd like to be. This photo is a few days old. I've knit two more cream squares. So there are really only 3 squares to go and then on to the boarder of 8 rows of garter stitch on each side. I'd thought I could finish a square a day this week and then start the boarder this weekend, giving me 13 days to complete it.

But as you can see, the squares are not the same size. Should I block them now, before sewing? Or later after I've put the whole thing together? I'm leaning toward now in which case I should block the finished squares this week so that they are dry by this weekend. I'm hoping blocking will help the designs in each square show more.

Perhaps with a delay I can finish two squares today....

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