Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ripping back

Thursday I realized that the teal diamonds and Xs on my Ivy League Vest (ILV) were not showing, in fact they were looking muddled, so my stitch pattern had been off through that section. Unfortunately, I was about 2 inches past that point. So after a glass of wine, for courage, I ripped back. Then I found a renewed interest in the vest and have been furiously knitting it. While it is nice to be inspired, it isn't helping my mile in a month progress as the mile had to come from stash yarn not WIPs. I still have 3 days to make up that quarter mile so there's hope.

I've done 3" or so in two days on the ILV in the two nights since the ripping. There are about 8 rows in an inch. So 3 inches in two days is awesome considering I was struggling to get in two rows a week, let alone two rows a day.

I'm at the point where bust increases begin but I'm thinking I might want to lengthen the armhole to edge portion. We'll see, I need to measure a few of my favorite sweaters to get a sense if the 14.25" that the pattern dictates will be long enough to wear comfortably. I sometimes find my finished garments are shorter than I intended if I just follow the patterns.

Finally I wanted to add a little more to the "Poor Boyfriend, gets another cat" story. As you can see The Boyfriend and Linus are two peas in a pod. I think of this as my two favorite boys doing their favorite Saturday afternoon pastime.

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Rycrafty said...

I loved that vest in the magazine, and it is going to look so wonderful when it is done!