Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Could Be First Lady

Tonight at our Cast Off knitting group, amongst talk of the political candidates and how difficult it must be to be the significant other of the president the following side bar ensued.

Steph: “I could be the wife of a president. I’d make a great first lady, knitting all the time. Saying ‘I don’t really have an opinion on that whenever a dicey topic came up in interviews’ Steve would be off running the world coming home late at night to see me happily knitting away. I’d pop up from a pile of yarn and say ‘you’ve been busy at work but see what I’ve done today’ with a glowing smile. And Steve would lovingly pat me on the head and say ‘that’s nice dear’.

Kara: “I can see it now, they’d come to interview Steph and ask her opinion on current events , and she’d say “I don’t really know about that, but look at my stash” with a wave of her hand proudly showing the many skeins of yarn that surround her. And then she’d say “Oh and see this lovely skein of angora it came from the President of Turkey, and this one over here, it came from the Prime Minster of Australia, oh and this alpaca came from the President of Peru .” And then Steph would say, “What’s that, President Steve, you want to help developing countries, well I think yarn mills are an excellent solution to their economic problems.”

Daphne: “Stephanie would say “Iraq, forget about Iraq, there’s no yarn in Iraq. Get out of there. I love this Peruvian yarn, can we go back there for another summit?”

At this point we were howling with laughter at how dead on this impersonation of Steve and my relationship is. I closed with “See I told you I’d make a great First Lady.”

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