Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Great Day At Work

Driving home from work today I realized that my new job is good. Today was the first day that I actually got to use my analytical skills and flex my brain muscle. It felt good and I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed my boss who thinks through things the same way I do which I know will make us a great team.

When I started I was worried that she was not as social or explanatory as Flip-Flops had been. Flip-Flops was an excellent boss, personable but professional and intellectually challenging. I wished I could've worked for her longer. The Colonel is another story, I would never want to work for her again. The Colonel had trust issues and was insecure about my ability to out perform her. Then there was Texas, she was another fun boss. Texas had realistic expectations and knew her stuff. Plus she was hilarious. The Old Maid was one of probably my all time favorites. She inspired loyalty and expected nothing but the best from me, and in tern I gave some of my best work to The Old Maid.

Last year at the time I was stressing over feeling like I had to find a new job or I would go insane working for The Colonel in that smothering environment. When did the shirt ship? Then the layoffs, and I decided it was a blessing in disuse. Then more layoffs, and I felt like I should've been grandfathered out of them. Now I'm in a University environment discussing Medicare. A year ago I never would've seen this coming. It's funny how things work out.

And to keep this knitting related, I just had to show off my newest purchase. Seacoast Handpainted yarn that I got this weekend. It's called Raspberry Mocha and is a purple, lavender, beige, grey, pale blue color. 400 yards of this yummy yarn that I have to display on my body and not in a bag. I’m seeing stripes with a beige color. Or perhaps I should use this for the top portion of my Alice sweater. The leaves might get lost though.

I could use it for one of the diamonds in the Off Center Argyle by Teva Durham but I can’t find a photo of it anywhere online except on Ravelry. That would probably be the best use and the other 4 diamonds could be colors that are in the yarn. I’m getting a vision….

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Changeling said...

That Raspberry mocha looks devine! I jsut dropped by your blog to take a peak and I love the baby suprise jacket - especially with the cat on top. Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my show notes page it does help to motivate me to do the next one - I tried to reply to you by email, but it got sent back.