Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I had thought that the adding a countdown until the end of the March Challenge was a good idea. But now every time I login I'm reminded of how the time is just ticking away. 31....30....29....28... I think it's too much pressure, perhaps the 5SKSO Challenge was a bit more than I can handle. I'll have a better idea after this weekend. So far the socks are going well. I decided to go with a 2x1x2x3 rib pattern. It the same pattern as the color pattern in the ILV so that frequency is imbedded in my subconscious. I've decided to make the ribbing on the top of the foot extend all the way around my arch so that it'll be snug on my foot. I have a few pairs of Smartwool socks that do this and it's a nice feeling.

In other news we're getting ready for Lexie to have kittens. She's due on Saturday!!!

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Linda said...

little baby kiddens?!?!

You'll post pics as soon as it's okay to do so, right? puhlllleeeeeezzz?