Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Devon Heaven!!!

We did it!!! Nessa and I successfully navigated the airports, hotel, and show halls. It was a blast, meeting so many wonderful people and really enjoying my time with them. You know cat people are a lot like knitters. They are warm and funny. Nessa was a riot at the airport. I let her stretch her legs during the layovers. She didn't mind the harness as long as I was nearby for her to rub her head on.

There were 8 judges at the show, Nessa was competing against 27 other Devon Rex kittens. And these aren't just any kittens, these are the best kittens that the top breeders have to show. So the competition is intense. In all 8 rings Nessa won best for her color (black smoke) and best for her class ('other' which is anything that is not solid and not tabby). Those were great wins but what we really care about is being the "best Devon Rex kitten".
Each judge awards their "best" and "second best" In the first ring, Nessa got honorable mention. Second ring, nothing. Then the third ring, Nessa was awarded the coveted blue ribbon -best devon kitten!!! I was shocked. All the other breeders congratulated me and laughed at my stunned expression. Nessa looked at me like, of course I'm winning, I'm too cute not to. In the fourth ring, the final one that day, Nessa took the red ribbon -second best Devon kitten. It was a great experience and gave me the vindication I needed, I had done the right thing, bringing Nessa without Mum.
Day two, 4 more rings with the same results, a best and a second best. It was an excellent feeling. So proud and excited about this tiny little cat that was stealing the show. In the end when all of the points were counted, Nessa was crowned the overall "Second Best Devon Rex Kitten in Show". It is a very prestigious award. And it's a Coupe that we, Curlfect Devons, brand new to the cat show circuit, had won it. She really is a great little Devon!

When we weren't at the show hall, we were at the pre-show party, the before party, the DRBC banquet, the after party, and passed out with exhaustion. It was an grueling schedule but given Nessa's results and my new found love of cat showing, it was well worth it. I must admit, amongst this cat fancy atmosphere there was no time for knitting. I couldn't even focus enough to knit on the plane home. I zoned out listening to podcasts. I'm currently enjoying Craftlit's Turn of the Screw by Henry James....it's suspenseful and Victorian. How could I note love it, right up there with Dracula.


Pam said...

Congratulations! You must be so psyched! I bet it was a pretty intense experience.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from the Dog Lady of Rockland. I'm so glad you went to the show.