Friday, March 21, 2008

The Office

I thought you might like to go on a tour of my office. When you walk in you see the painting on the wall and my small window overlooking the parking lot and field out front full of snow. Yes that is a picture of my sweetie and I on our wedding day.

As you turn you see my family picture from Christmas, my Curlfect Calendar, and Bamboo plant behind the computer. I prefer to use desk lamps as they have a more pleasant glow.
The paintings are flowery fields of greens and purples to match to pale pink walls. And below them, there is a picture of Mac & Steve from way back. Also, the evil evil phone. It’s smarter than I am.

Turning around again you see my filing cabinet with a picture of Linus wrestling with a sudoku book. And you get a better view of the rose painting on the wall that matches the pink walls.

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