Monday, March 17, 2008

Your Stuffie is too small!

The 5SKSO Challenge is moving along. The miserable socks, which I’ve called the Governess after Henry James’ Turn the Screw, which I recently read, are proving to be a truly unpleasant experience. I feel like Mrs. Grose knowing that I have to just put up with the Governess and try to make the best of it, having as little interaction as possible, but doing what they say even if I don’t like it. This translates into knitting them for long intervals and following the pattern even if it doesn't make sense in the hopes that I’ll be able to have fewer meetings with them. Sock knitting is not something I enjoy.

After completing The Expectant Hat, I worked on my poncho for a bit. I love bulky yarns and size 9 needles. It just flies along, although I seem to have regressed to a 10 year old in my color choices. Pink, purple, and baby blue…go figure nothing in my wardrobe is that color, why on Earth would I think those would be perfect choices for me? It must’ve been the intoxication of being at WEBs.

I sewed up the Shell Tank. It’s very large! Surprisingly side and short. I’m hoping that drying it in the dryer will reduce the width and tighten the rib. 100% cotton never makes a good rib. There’s no elasticity in the fiber so why would it? Honestly, I do know better. I also cast on the Cherry Garcia neck tube.

Not on the list, for the 5SKSO Challenge but I think I’ll substitute it for the Bainbridge. I’m considering working the Starbucks cozy in the same yarn so that when I’m at the café, drinking my Chai Tea, my cup will match my neck…I can’t imagine anything more ludicrous. But “I am Ridiculous!” so it’s ok. -Thank you 30Rock.

The Stuffie took an evening to knit, which means it will take 3 weeks to sew. I just love to sew! It’s actually very cute and cuddly. I showed the Stuffie pieces to The Boyfriend, who professed that it was “entirely too small!” I was shocked and appalled at his obvious disdain for my work. How dare he!?! Afterall it’s a gift for HIS family! He should be grateful I’m being so thoughtful! Upon further discussion it was revealed that he thought the 13” stuffie parts would be assembled into a garment for the baby and was certain they would never fit. Silly Boyfriend, Stuffies are for hugging not for wearing!

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