Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So much to do and so not much time

March has been the most challenging month thus far. The 5SKSO did not seem like that difficult of an undertaking. But that was before I considered the fact that Nessa was hijacking two of my weekends. First Devon Heaven and now, we’re off to another show in NY this weekend. I’ll be driving so no time for knitting. Although I have insisted that we make a detour along the way to Creative Fibers in Windsor CT. The original list for 5, one skein projects has been revised.

1. Stuffies, are nearing completion. I need to sew the pieces together, add a face & heart, and stuff.

2. Elefante has been replaced with A Better Bucket by Amy Swenson. I’m using Cascade’s chunky alpaca but think it might be a two skein project, more on that to come as I race against the clock to finish it in time.

3. Basic Cup Cozy, has been completed. It went so quick I knit two, one for the car and one for my knitting bag for when I’m at knitting group.

4. Bainbridge Scarf has been replaced by Cherry Garcia by Adrian Bizilia. The Seacoast Handpaint yarn really looks nice in this cable pattern. The Boyfriend was gracious enough to model my ‘neck tube’.

5. Fake Isle Hat also known as the Expectant hat was completed early on this month.

And of course, the socks are coming along. In a strange twist of fate, somehow after turning the heel they became much more tolerable. Perhaps it’s that I’m on the homerun stretch, perhaps it’s that I’ve adjusted to working such a small circumference, or perhaps I’ve memorized the irregular rib pattern so that it’s become mindless knitting. Either way, I’m looking forward to working on them. I’m not sure how tall to make them. It seems my commercial socks are 8” from the bottom of the heel to the top of the cuff. Also, should the cuff be a 1x1 rib or a seed stitch? I’m seeing the cuff as 4 or 5 rows, about ¾”, relatively small so seed stitch should be ok.

5 days to finish the socks and the bucket….

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