Monday, March 17, 2008

The second best cat in the world

The kittens have arrived but it seems that they are destined to have a difficult life. While I have always held Lexie in a place of honor, because of her affectionate personality and velvety smooth coat, she’s been my second favorite cat in this world. I know, can you believe it? I am more fond of Lexie than my own MacOban. That’s how great of a cat she is. It appears that her wonderful personality does not extend into the sphere of mothering. The birth went smoothly, with Lexie purring the whole time and only crying once. She groomed the kittens but was unable to feed them. As time passes Lexie has taken a less active roll in their nurturing leaving it to Mum to feed and look after them. With coaxing Lexie will tend to them but it requires a great deal of time and attention on our part to keep her calm and with the kitties. I spent all weekend with them calming and reassuring Lexie so that she was able to take care of the babies. It was exhausting and Sunday evening I felt like a traitor leaving Mum to fend for the babies on her own. If only there were a way to download some of my energy into her so that she will have the stamina to help Lexie be a good mother.

This will be the end of Lexie’s line, she will not be allowed to have another litter. On the flip side, we know that Lexie will make someone very happy as a pet since in my opinion she is the second best cat in the world.

Soon the fun of naming will begin. We’re thinking of songs by, well I'm not going to tell you just yet, but I'll give you a hint…hands touching hands, reaching out….

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