Saturday, May 24, 2008

Get off the table Mabel

Yesterday was an ideal vacation day. Dad and The Boyfriend have gone to fishing camp this weekend, which is a whole story unto itself.
So I’ve moved in with Mum and the kittens for almost a week. Thursday night we watched a Rob Lowe miniseries for six hours. We agreed it was not the most spectacularly cast production ever, but yet we continued to watch hour after hour of it. While we watched, I finished up the 2nd pair of Mittens in May. The stitch pattern seemed simple enough but I think stopping and starting caused me to loose my place more than I would’ve liked.

Yesterday, after just 5 hours sleep we got up and got ready. Then it was off for a day of shopping. I got some black strapy sandals and an amazing replica of the Rockland Breakwater. I saw it and knew it was coming home with me. It might be a gift for someone else or we may keep it. I spent a lot of my hour school mornings-afternoons-evenings on The Breakwater.
The car was full by 3pm when we made our last stop at the new pet store and coffee house. Not to say that it was combined into one store, just that those were the last two stops on our shopping trip. More on the pet shop later. We headed home to check on the kittens before going to my Memere’s (grandmother) for dinner.

This is a momentous occasion. Let me explain, I have one of the best cooks in the world for a grandmother. You know, she uses the “real” ingredients, nothing low fat or sugar free (mind you, she’s nearing her eighth decade and fit as a fiddle). Memere loves everyone with food, always has. And we love her for it. Her chicken stew is world renowned. Growing up, every time I saw her, chicken stew was involved. So imagine her dismay 6 years ago when I explained that I wouldn’t eat anything with a face. She kept on cooking great deserts but couldn’t have her oldest granddaughter or grandson (as she calls The Boyfriend) over for a meal. For someone who loves you with food this is a big deal.

Fast forward to last night, my mother, my AP, my Memere and myself had dinner together. Memere planned a fantastic meal, deviled eggs, tomato and rice soup, American chop suey sans hamburger, and a delicious baked eggplant dish. Along with the banana rum and ice tea it couldn’t have been more perfect. We laughed and laughed until we cried. The atmosphere was just right and I felt a wonderful connect to the other women in my family. They tolerated my knitting and I joined in as we sang some of the songs from their childhood, including one about shaking my peaches.


Anonymous said...

I yjoml you are a grand dame within the family, too! Only one so in tyne could sing about mabel, peaches, and motorcycles without missing a beat and really not knowing the words but, understanding that they have great meaning in your family history!
Your AP

Gwendolyn's Gifts said...

Hi Steph! I got your comment on my blog. Thanks for your willingness to test patterns. I am behind due to some custom orders coming in, so I'll let you know when I get everything together to test.