Sunday, May 18, 2008

Knitting to the Music of Life

Another weekend, another trip to Webs.
We went, we saw, we shopped.
Welcome to Mecca take 2
Whatever I call it, it was another fun filled trip to the yarn capital of New England.

We all piled into Title Pam’s van and hit the road early on Friday. Vans are loud. Did you realize this? We did not. In fact I think it surprised us all how limited the conversation was. Talk to the person next to you or ride in silence since music didn’t seem to be an option. The rain did not make for easy driving and we were all thankful for Pam’s quiet determination to get us to our destination. I did a little knitting on the 3rd pair of Mittens in May.

Upon arrival we did the roommate assignment. The kid in me had been thinking of this a grand adventure including a slumber party. If only we didn’t have to split up into separate rooms. We hit the mall and had a late dinner. Then back to the room for some refreshments and knitting. The atmosphere was not what I had expected. Instead of bonding and giggling we talked and were somewhat subdued. I am not complaining, merely stating the obvious…Miss Obvious here…”it’s hot in here!”

No seriously, it surprised me. The sociologist in me wonders why things did not go as I planned. I know we were all anxious and looking forward to the trip. I know that each of these women has a great personality and I would enjoy an evening with any one of them. But somehow, in a large group, after riding for 3 hours we were less than animated.

The only other group this large that I spend an extended period of time with is my maternal family. I have often seen an afternoon fall flat on its face as everyone gathers together with jubilation which crumbles piece by piece as each individual is forced to make compromises for “the group” sake and their personal preferences are overridden by the social pressure to comply or be left out. And as we are all fairly new friends (having known each other for fewer than 9 months and in some cases less than 2) I think we were all feeling the pressure. Based on family experience I find it’s best if we all have a clear expectation of what’s going to happen and do not deviate too far. That way we’re all prepared to make the necessary concessions and do not feel the disappointment when others do not wish to follow the same game plan we are. But enough scholarly analyzing, let’s talk yarn.

Breakfast was a quick event and then we made our way to Webs via Starbucks, a much appreciated detour on my part.

I’m filled with warmth as I recall the hours spent wondering through the isles of wool, alpaca, wool, cotton, alpaca, and more alpaca. I found a great joy in shopping with my companions as opposed to running off on my own as I typically do since I have very specific interests (alpaca) and limited time (about 3 hours). Heather and I discussed Malibrigo, always a favorite. Pam and I discovered a lovely yarn, Buckingham Baby Alpaca, and that we could easily share some Araucania Limari. I laughed as Kara gorged on sweater yarn (reassuring us that she wouldn’t have to buy yarn again for years), much the same as many of us had on our February trip. And best of all…the highlight of the day…I got to spend someone else’s money on yarn! Who knew this could be so much fun. Lisa and I searched high and low for the perfect content and colored yarns for her next two sweaters. I know I will enjoy watching their creation as if I were knitting them. I helped develop them and would not have made different selections had I been knitting for myself.

On the ride home I took the reins, and everyone’s Ipods. Knowing that we had another 3 hours with limited conversation and quiet a few of us were running on less than ideal quantities of sleep, I decided it would be best if I acted as DJ. I didn’t want Pam to be left driving a van full of sleeping people. Imposing my will and not allowing for any type of compromise may have been irritating to some but I pleased the driver which was my way of thanking her for leading us on our grand adventure. Because in the end it’s about enjoying yourself and knitting to the music of life.

Things I learned from this trip.
  • Have clearly laid plans that everyone is aware of prior to departure

  • Choose transportation that encourages inclusion not isolation

  • Relax and have fun, do not worry too much about other’s happiness.


Kara said...

I agree (1)! hee hee. PS: I loved your music selections 99.2% of the time, but who cares what I think. Do you know what time it is?

Cusegirl1999 said...

Totally agree with you and with Kara. Something we'll work on for Rhinebeck for sure.

Though you do have mad DJ-ing skills!