Monday, May 12, 2008

There is only so much wool

There is only so much wool and so many sheep that one person can look at before they all start to look the same. And then they lose all interest. We did enjoy watching the herding demonstration by 5 Border Collies and 8 sheep. They are amazing little dogs.

I did get some lovely green-yellow wool boucle yarn. I had the Clapotis in mind when I picked it up. My color pallet is usually purples and pinks but then I don’t wear purples and pinks so I tried to select a color that matched my wardrobe but was not necessarily the most visually pleasing.

Sunday we decided to take a ride to Mt. Chicora so The Boyfriend could run in the woods while I did some more knitting. From the beginning of the day it was clear to both of us that I belong where civilization is just a shout away. Much of the ten minute ride over dirt roads to the base of the mountain was spent with nervous alpaca impersonations. We are a pair of goofs, driving along with my complaints mixed in with The Boyfriend demonstration of what my last comment would sound like if I were an alpaca. Laughing ensued which made the woods tolerable for a few minutes until I saw another dilapidated cabin or field and resumed my commentary on the distasteful attributes of the woods.

While chilling in the woods, I worked on my mittens of course and listened to Craftlit podcasts. I finished up the Tulips. And you’ll be happy to know I walked through the woods for over an hour. The only wildlife I encountered was a tick which held on to my sock for dear life.

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devons said...

As always your life continues to amaze and entertain me! I know I'm going to have a good laugh whenever I sit down to read your notes. Once again I was not disappointed! Your Mum