Thursday, May 8, 2008

Love the floor

I’m a little concerned over how happy a freshly washed floor makes me. I spent the last hour vacuuming and then washing the floors, chores that I typically dread and find somewhat useless as the floors will inevitably get dirty again. But then I look down the hallway as the light is reflected off the wood and marvel at how pretty it is. Am I the only one who ever feels like this? I’ll be content for the next few days sitting on my couch eyeing my floor and wondering why it doesn’t always look this way. While intoxicated off the beauty of my floors my fingers will of course be nibbly working their magic on more yards and yards of yarn. And then my attention will shift to my finished project and I’ll be awed at how beautiful that is. Unlike the floor, the project will not become soiled or require that I retrace my steps thus making it seem more rewarding than washing the floors. And by this time the floors will have cat and boy footprints dulling the surface and causing me to forget how pretty and shinny they can be until some future point in time when I’m feeling motivated to clean up.

Also Mac likes the floors.

The washer is running, yup fixed in about 20 minutes. Turns out felt is not what the doctored ordered. The water pump was jammed solid with “lint” as the repairman put it. I will have to cave and use the mesh bags for nylons or pillowcases next time. The mice are nearly dry and are awaiting their stuffing and bells.

And the 1st mitten of the Mittens in May Challenge is nearing completion. It’s my own Norwegian design, a mix of geometric patterns, hearts and hopefully something that will resemble a Devon Rex. Photos coming soon.

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