Saturday, May 10, 2008


I woke up bright and early this morning. Why can’t this ever happen during the week? Today is the NH Sheep & Wool Festival. I’ve been looking forward to this since last fall when we went to Wool Day at Canterbury Village. So like a kid on Christmas morning I snuck downstairs full of anticipation. I started the coffee, popped two toast into the toaster and then turned to pack the knitting bag. AHHHH! I don’t have any fun projects on the needles. My excitement turned to dread as I envisioned the car ride knitting on a plain stockinet pattern or worse yet, not knitting at all!

Side note: last night we went to see Iron Man and as I did not have any simple portable projects, I didn’t knit. I felt anxious through the whole movie. I couldn’t relax; my foot jiggled the whole time. I don’t know when I last sat still for that long without needles in my hands. Years…at least 2, maybe 3. Most people sneak popcorn into the theater, I sneak my needles.

Subsequently, I did not enjoy the movie. The Boyfriend thought it was the best superhero movie he’d ever seen. This makes me rather sad as I am a big sci-fi fan.
To prevent any sort of knitting withdrawal today, I’ve decided to cast on Tulips which are the Herringbone Mittens by Elli. These colors remind me of the blossoms in my garden. I am aware of the brightness of these mittens, and would probably not wear them myself. I think a little Miss LT should be the recipient. We shall see.
Now that I’ve resolved this knitting crisis I can continue getting ready to go visit the sheep and alpacas! The Boyfriend is slightly less excited to see them but I think it’s his tough exterior. Deep down it’s like Christmas for him too.

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