Friday, May 30, 2008

Scrap the Snicket

In addition to working on the mittens I’ve been doing some toe up Snicket socks. I was itching to cast on socks for a simple travel project. I received some wonderful suggestions which filled my Ravelry queue. I choose the snicket pattern because I had recently purchased the recommended yarn. It seemed I was destined to make these socks.

I cast on and realize that the pattern is for cuff down socks. Being that I have the tendency to get over anxious and make things too small, in my rush to hurry-up and begin the next part of the pattern, I don’t think cuff down is a good choice for me. I’ll make too short socks and end up with a lot of left over yarn.

No problem, I’ll just switch to a toe-up construction, the patterning should be the same. Cast on two toes and I’m off. Well not quite, upon further inspection it turns out it’s a 19 row repeat for the pattern and on top of that it’s full of cabling stitches to the front, and then back, in such a way that I can not hope to memorize it. I made it through the first 19 rows on one sock and 5 rows on the other with the pattern in hand and intense concentration the entire time. Then I realized, this isn’t any fun, and it isn’t what I had in mind.

Next I pulled out the 19 rows and pulled out the Encyclopedia of Stitchery for a pretty stitch pattern. I believe that using the magic cast on and short row heels, I don’t need a formal pattern to follow. I’ll just improve my own design and if it looks good I’ll share it. Simple enough.

Ha ha, fooled again! The twisted zigzag pattern I select seems straight forward. 10 rows in I realize that it’s not at all looking like a zigzag, just a mass of purl ridges. Oh wait, I’m knitting in the round. "D'oh!" change those purl rounds to knit rounds! Alas, it’s frogged again.

At least it only noon on a Friday and I have the entirety of the weekend to set these socks right. Also the fact that Sydney Carton just “fed” the guillotine in A Tale of Two Cities has set me off down a teary road for the day. If Dickens is to be believed, then the French Revolution was a fearful time with death lurking around every corner. I had not considered the bloody consequences of this liberation. Perhaps my socks are as doomed as Sydney.


Anonymous said...

Oh my this sock thing is sooo very serious!AP

Kara said...

The socks are doomed, the snickets were just to young. They weren't ready to rule a country - just like Louis XVI.

Kara said...

OK, typo there, I meant "Your socks AREN'T doomed." only three characters but completely different meaning. oops.