Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Doing Better

Monday morning was just like any Monday –get up go to knitting class and then head to Mum and Dad’s. Things were not normal when I arrive to find my mother with her fully packed suitcase. My aunt was on the phone saying ‘come now’. Two weeks ago my uncle had a valve in his heart replaced with a titanium valve. It’s been a slow recovery which included a two day stint in the local hospital because of chest pain. Eventually they sent him by helicopter ambulance to a major cardio hospital. Things did not look good and my aunt and cousin needed us. Mum and I formed a convey and headed to the hospital 2 hours away.

The car ride was a roller coaster ride of emotion. Knowing that the worst was possible and hoping against all hopes that it wouldn't happen. My uncle’s blood pressure was so low that when he arrived they performed emergency surgery in the ER without anesthesia or pain medication. Everyone involved said “it was one for the record books”. My uncle’s first words to Mum and I was that it would’ve made a great episode of ER with blood flying everywhere.

On the second day we saw a change in him. And as the day wore on he was eating and joking. Tonight they moved him out of ICU and into his own room. We four girls were like a comedy routine, laughing and making him laugh. It was just such a relief to be with him after fearing the worst. He even sang the chipmunk Christmas song to us which was completely unexpected but thoroughly appreciated.

Tomorrow we head home, in the new target clothes I had to buy since I didn’t have time to pack before we left. I’ll have to do some quick laundry, baking and packing of knitting supplies before we head to Northampton, MA for Thanksgiving with The Boyfriend’s side of the family. Can you guess where I’m going on black Friday?


Pam said...

So glad to hear your uncle is doing better!

My guess is you will spend black Friday at a store that starts with W and you'll increase your stash exponentially!

Lauren said...

hey you - glad that your uncle sounds like he's on the mend. is it weird that the "word varification" i have to type in to post this is "bleed"??