Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday's activities

I’m working on a super secret project. It’s a day off for me, but I was up at 6am charting out the pattern too excited not to cast on immediately. I’m about half done now and just took a break to make some white chili. My house smells amazing right now!

Decided to go to Pennsylvania to pick up Lulu. This will require some knitting/food/clothing preparation. Finished super secret project, at least part 1….mehahahaha

Cookies have been baked, washer is running and project is blocking. I absolutely had to do laundry today. I only had one clean pair of hand knit socks left and wearing the store bought kind is so tiresome. So the laundry room is an array of color as the different socks hang drying.

4:00pm darned some socks and loaded the I-pod with new music and audiobooks...sci-fi fantasy which is both of our favorites.

6:37pm finished packing the knitting projects and limited myself to just 5 projects for 36 hours. Hopefully that’ll be enough. One of those projects will be an insane sock yarn blanket that Julie hypnotized me into doing. She had to twist my arm really hard. You know me, sock project and my eyes glaze over and my fingers start moving. As I type this I'm cast on the first square. First off will be NYC & Kansas.

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