Sunday, November 30, 2008

I can has sock

Yesterday was a nice day for a drive. The Boyfriend and I always love riding in the car together. It seems to be when we have our best conversations.

When we got home the boys were so happy to see us. After napping and unpacking, we four settled in for some TV and knitting (ok I’m the only one knitting and technically The Boyfriend had a computer and two cats on his lap/chest but we were all together on the couch).

So there I was knitting along and then sneak attack MacOban was under the table attaching my big toe in it’s hand knit sock. Rather than try and twist my foot away from him I opted to cut my loses and slip my foot out of the sock. Mac ran off with the sock to extract his vengeance. The poor sock! And yes that is my favorite pair of socks, the Bulldogust socks!

I finished the Native Vest I’ve been slogging through the finishing on. That just leaves 11 hibernating projects in the Decagon Decision Challenge. SO if I can finish off one more project today I’ll have achieved my goal of just 10 hibernating projects on the needles.

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