Friday, November 7, 2008

The First of Many

Today was the first day I worked on one of the Decagon Decision projects. It was the infamous Ivy League Vest which has been sitting in the closet with ends needing to be woven in and steeks needing to be tacked down since…August 29th. One of my knit sibs chastised me for ignoring it this long. It was the push I needed.

Right now it’s blocking full of pins to convince the armhole ribbing that it wants to lay flat.

One down, leaving 21 hibernating projects, and 11 more in need of finishing or froging in order to achieve Decagon status.

I’ve been designing some socks. Well there not just any socks, I’m calling them…"there’s something in my shoe" socks. One is done and I’m “test knitting” the second one to make sure the pattern is perfect before I share it with you all. I absolutely love them!


annieB said...

...and this is from the girl who did not want to try knitting socks a few months ago???? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Please post your head circumference. Inquiring minds want to know.

Mychawd said...

It's a whoper! 23"!