Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where's the coffee table?

It’s finally reached a boiling point. I typically leave a project or two lying around on the couch or on the coffee table. Wherever I last worked on it, ready to be picked up again without any searching or rooting around in my knitting bag. The Boyfriend has never said anything. As you know I went a little crazy for Sock-toe-bar and now have 7 different socks on the needles as well as the bag, several swatches, a hat, another hat, a wrap, a neck warmer, a mitten, and a headband. And this is just what I’m considering Works In Progress (WIPs).

Friday night, as he tried to find space on the table for the laptop he suggested I do something about the yarn. My heart skipped a beat. No, after years of living with yarn he was asking me to put away my second greatest love? How could it be? Thankfully I’d jumped ahead of him and upon explanation he just thought it’d be nice to see the coffee table again...something that’s been impossible for longer than I’m willing to admit...ok at least 10 days.

This lit a proverbial fire under my A$%. It forced me to realize that 14 WIPs is more than I want. It’s a bit stressful feeling like you have to do this, do that, and do the other thing all at once. More than once in the last week I’ve thought I need a second set of hands and shortly after thinking that I’ve considered casting on another must have project. It’s a sickness really it is. So fire blazing I set to work to clear off the table and finish off some WIPs.

First to go was AP’s Slipper Sock. I just had a couple of inches left on the leg so I banged that out. Next came the adult Cisco hat with Frog Tree Alpaca. That took a while but after a month of half existence it was completed and ready to wear. Did you know, I knit myself a frickin baby bonnet?!?! Once I had it on and looked in the mirror all I could do was laugh. Who knits an adult baby bonnet?? Seriously!

The Obama bag was a push but I finished off the back with some stars but promptly ran out of navy yarn with no possible substitute. The Boyfriend stopped at Michael’s for me and got some Lion Wool for the handle which should be done this morning. I hear the washing machine calling.

Next the Freaks and Geeks sock was frogged. The yarn was just too heavily contrasting to show the intricate lace pattern. Which begs the question, why work your butt off knitting the lace if no one but you will know it’s there...rippppppp.

Lastly I completed the headband. I just need the perfect button now. Hello Yarn Basket... I think Linus wanted one of his own. Or he was so proud of me that he wanted to kiss my nose.

That brings me down to 9 WIPs. I typically run with 6 to 8 so it is still a bit high but no worries, the fire is still burning. Although I must admit, last night I was like a crow drawn to some road kill (ewww, where did that mental image come from?!?) . After ripping the sock out I had a spare pair of size 2s lying about. That just wouldn’t do so I began designing a pair of socks. For now all I’m going to tell you about it is that there will be a little something extra in my shoes...

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Anonymous said...

OK - so you are totally crazy - knitting a baby bonnet for yourself! I have to see it. I love your blog!!!