Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November Decagon Decision Challenge

Are you wondering about the November Challenge for the Knitting Samurai? I thought you might be.

You see the Samurai has been coming clean about a lot lately, bonnets, socks, and piles of yarn, etc. In that spirit there is something else I’d like to unburden myself of. There are currently 22 hibernating knitting projects. By hibernating I mean that these are unfinished projects that I’ve set aside in favor of some other more interesting project. This is a photo of 20 of those projects (2 are super secret surprises so they’re not included).

Some of these projects have been sitting for years, and others for months.

Some are winter projects (sweaters, hats, mittens) that I could finish and wear this season.

Some are things I’m never going to make that are just taking up space in my closet.

Therefore, November’s Challenge will be Decagon Decision. In case you were wondering, a decagon is a polygon with ten angles and ten sides.

During the month of November I shall attempt to become a UFO Decagon instead of a twenty-two-agon, actually that’d probably be a circle at that point but you get my meaning.

Frog’em or Finish’em! Which means I’ll need to be making decisions and working through 2.5 UFOs a week. This should make for some interesting blogging…

1 comment:

MarieAngel said...

Good luck with the decagon decision!

I have a small box I never look in because I know exactly what's in it. 6 projects I'll likely never finish but would rather knit something else instead of frogging them LOL

Looking forward to seeing how you cope with yours.