Friday, November 21, 2008

Frogging never Felt so good!!!

I’ve been busily working on the blanket of insanity with J. We’re going for a square a day. Did I mention it’s a blanket knit with leftover sock yarn on size 2 needles. For more details on the pattern check out the designers blog.

I’ve been a busy girl this week, running everywhere and doing everything it seems. Which is ok except that the monthly challenge I set for myself is falling way behind.

Monday I finished off the pink baby booties.

And Wednesday I finished the front of the native vest, which means I just need a collar, shoulder seams, tassels and viola…ready to wear.

Today I trashed the Spoiled girl slippers. See, I really did it. Here they are in the trash. They were beyond help and too sad to look at.

I also ripped out the Dexter sock, which wasn’t on the list of hibernating projects but realistically I wont make these socks. 8 hours for an inch. I may be crazy for making the blanket but I’m not crazy enough to put 100 hours into one pair of socks that I feel indifferent toward. I may try them again with DK weight yarn since they are part of the favorite sock book.

Next I frogged the Hardly Know Her Hat. It would’ve been cute but I had just completed the cast on edge and had 10” of colorwork to go. It’s nice to frog and reclaim needles.

I also frogged the blue baby blanket, I had done this a month or so back when I wanted the brown for a stranded sweater that never got beyond swatching.

SO visually here is where I stand on the challenge. Slashes are frogged or trashed. Hearts are finished. Half hearts are in progress again. 13 Hybernating projects, and just 9 days to get that down to 10. I’d give 50-50 odds on that happening.

Oh and December's Challenge is going to be to knit 7 squares a week for the blanket!

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