Saturday, February 28, 2009

Clear the Sock Needles Update

I’ve completed three pairs of socks this month. I was aiming for four but I feel like that’s just not going to happen. I have 5” leg and 3.5” leg. For the sake of the challenge I could make them 5” socks and say I’m done. But that would compromise my vision for the socks. Knit on size 2s & 3s they are going to be thick and boot sock-ish. I want to use more of the yarn than I normally do and I want to make them 6.5” with at least 1.5” of 2x2 ribbing. I’m certain that I will finish these socks this weekend but with a busy day ahead of us, I won’t be able to finish them today.

Warning: The rest of this post is for my sake not yours. Not an entertaining entry. There I've placed the disclaimer, now it's your own fault if you read on about my savings and stash reduction plan and find it less than riveting.

I did take a 3 day break from socks this week and knit Na-at-tay two hats. He’s shipping out and I wanted to be sure he has a good washable alternative to the Zissou hat, which is hand wash. I don’t want to be a slave to my monthly challenges. I just want goals to work towards and attempt to achieve. To that end, I’m thinking it may be time to knit a mile in a month. I have some felting projects for Mum that need my attention and a few more non-sock gifts that should be attended to.

For the record I have not purchased yarn from a store since, 2/8/09, ok and from an online vendor since 2/20/09. I know it’s not long but I’m going to make a conscience effort to pare back the yarn purchases until Rhinebeck. I’m not going to give up buying yarn (I don't think that would be possible) but I am going to start squirreling away my yarn allowance so that I have plenty of funds. I’m thinking something like every time I go into a yarn shop and don’t spend the usual $50, I pocket the remaining money towards Rhinebeck. I know, you may not be a knitter and may not understand what I’m saying here. But the Seacoast Knitters in small or big groups frequent 1-3 shops a month. That’s 8-24 trips between now and Rhinebeck…that’s a $200-$600 in savings if I can limit myself to $25 per trip instead of the usual $50. I’ll be keeping track of my progress. 64.8 miles.

But, my yarn spending habits are not the purpose of this post. I’m going to knit a mile out of stash yarns. Knit a mile and not buy a replacement mile. Knit a mile, and make room for more? Knit a mile, that’s 1760 yards. Knit a mile, that’s about 5 pairs of socks for me. Knit a mile, that’s about half of the chunky wool bin.

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