Friday, February 20, 2009

Do you know what this face is saying?

It says, You did what with a bird!?!?!

Let me backup, the Lovebird, Charlie, spends the days at work with us. There’s more activity than at home alone and his singing fits right in with our chatter.

Charlie actually sits across from me all day and we have blinking conversations. Julie says that blinking a bird reassures it that you’re not a preditor since you’re not staring at it. And the birds will actually blink back to show you they are confortable. So Charlie and I have been blinking all week. Today he came out of the cage for a while. He’s been adjusting to his new home and we thought grabby hands might stress him out.

Once he was out, he needed a place to be where he'd feel safe and secure. Since I had on the sweatshirt, guess where he went? Yup! He went in my zip-up sweatshirt over my heart and t-shirt. He snoozed for a bit. I think the bra strap gives him something to clasp onto. Although he kept trying to sidestep into my armpit, because it was warmer I guess.

It was great!!! I was so excited, walking around all stiff backed so I didn’t disturb him. And then do you know what that little S&%T did? He did just that, he pooped on me! Julie warned me that it would happen but you know it still surprised me. Needless to say there was a bird hand off and some cleaning. We all agreed that bird poop is far less offensive than cat or dog poop.

I actually thought Mac or Linus would smell the bird on me but neither seems to have noticed.

But really, this picture was taken to show off my new socks! The Ricky Morneaux Socks are finished. That’s the third pair. I’m right on track to get all four pairs finished before the end of February. Although I must confess, I have cast on two new pairs of socks since I conceived of this challenge. Ok three. But it’s not my fault. I just love sock knitting! And one of those pairs is for a loved one…honestly, I don’t think my sock needles will ever be clear.


Regan said...

Love those socks!

Anonymous said...

So what you are now nurturing a bird, maybe Charlie thinks your his Mom...keep blinking with him but no more under the sweater stuff! You are funny and goofy. LOL AP

Anonymous said...

What colors are in the SON (Sock On Needles). It's really nice. Details please. Dog Lady