Sunday, February 8, 2009

One needle Cleared

There are four weeks in February, so as long as I finish one of the four pairs a week I’ll complete my challenge.

Today I finished the second Aviendha sock. Ok I still need to sew in the bind off yarn, but you know, it’s 99.99% complete. I’m happy with the alterations I made to the pattern. The Regia Stretch is a bit itchy but machine washable.

Last week, J developed a new colorway. We looked at it all day. It’s definitely not part of my regular blue pallet but it is a pretty color none the less. At the end of the day she slyly asked if I’d be interested in test knitting some socks. Hello, this is the Samurai, the girl who is totally into socks…that’s a no-brainer. She played me like a fiddle. I ran home and had knit 2 inches for the next day at work. I decided that the color really doesn’t go with my wardrobe so these will be my gift socks. Of course I’m going with the Riverbed construction. I added a cable to the outside of the foot and will do three cables up the leg alternating with wide ribs. Black and white photo due to color confidentiality…

The Ricky Morneaux socks are crawling along. As I said before, they need to be tall to accommodate the shrinkage of the silk so probably going for a 7” cuff. 3.25” on one and 0.5” on the other. I’d say 70% complete.

As for the Melaine socks, holding steady at about 30% complete. I didn’t really have time to knit them this week, being busy with the test knitting.

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