Sunday, February 15, 2009

Colors wanted!

Today I finished the second pair of socks for February. I’m right on track with finishing a pair a week to complete the four pairs for February and The Clear The Sock Needles Challenge. As previously mentioned this is a color way that is in development for Fall 09 so the actual color is confidential, apologies for black and white photos. This yarn is a dream to work with and zips right along although it’s on size 1 needles. The J.Knits Superwash Me Sock Yarn has come a long way from the first pair of socks I tried to knit with it. These may be the longest/tallest socks I’ve ever knit. They have a 4 stitch cable running up the foot and leg accompanied by a 3x4 rib around the leg of the sock. Sorry VS, I’m sure this is trilling for you to read. I am however, very pleased to have these finished, ribbing is not something I enjoy. Although I sense another potential color way is looming in my future. I like to test knit the new colors but I’ll be wiser next time and do them for smaller feet.

In other news, the Seacoast Knitters are having a St. Patrick’s Day swap. I selected a yarn that my recipient will love and cast on only to find that for my desired project, I really needed to design something myself. Ohhhh I bet you’re all hoping I got you! I’m a little over half done and love the result. I’m sure it’ll be even more special for the recipient that I designed and made it special for them.

I’m feeling a real lack of red and yellow in my life. I really need a bright red or yellow or both to knit with. Miss K, hand-dyed some amazing sock yarn and it’s haunted me for months. I can’t seem to find this vibrant colorway anywhere. The closest I’ve ever seen to it was Cherry Tree Hill’s Sugar Maple color way but that’s much more washed out and pink rather than red. Woe-es-me, I can’t find any yarn in the color I dream of that would be a perfect way to break out of the winter doldrums.

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rita said...

Two words: Knitted To a T on etsy. Okay, maybe not two words. She has a colorway that's very much like you're describing, Tri-Color Daisy, I think it is. I have some myself.