Saturday, February 21, 2009

Have you ever tried to knit while slightly intoxicated?

It’s both entertaining and frustrating.

First you pick up the sticks, and find that the needles you’ve spent hundreds of hours holding, that normally feel perfect in your hands, now feel somewhat awkward, like you’ve never held them before. Like you’re five holding a pencil for the first time trying to hold on and write you’re full name.

Next you attempt to knit a stitch, and then another and in the time it would normally take you to knit 3 stitches you’ve somewhat successfully completed one. That’s odd you think, I’m normally much faster. I must be tired, or something, you think dismissively to yourself.

And it’s at this point, around stitch 6 when you realize that knitting is really really hard. All those times in the past when you thought it was a mindless pastime that soothed your nerves. Well you were way wrong! And you can hardly believe it!

Because at this moment, you’ve come to the electrifyingly obvious conclusion that knitting is really hard! Hard is the best word you can think of. SO much motor coordination and concentration just to get one stitch. Wow, those knitters must be geniuses. And then you realize that you’re daydreaming about how difficult knitting is instead of actually knitting….hahahahahaha


Lisa said...

Yes Ive tried it, and no I cant knit anything worth keepping while drinking so it doesnt stay on my needles the morning after.

Vicky said...

Been there done that!

Funny post.

sallyg said...

I once tried drinking wine and knitting lace. Very sad.