Monday, February 2, 2009

Sock Needles Are Flying

The Complete Christmas Challenge was a success. Saturday I had a marathon knitting day and finished off the last gift. They are completely sewn, just need to be felted. The intended recipient is a size 7, so I’m putting The Seacoast Knitters on notice, I need a fit model for these things. I’m afraid to felt them down too much. Heather would’ve been my fit model, wrist warmers and gloves for the petite women in my life were all tested out on Heather. But with her gone, I’ll have to turn to Joan or Anne as I suspect they also have small feet.

It’s already the second day of February and I’m without a challenge. A Samurai without a challenge is like a dog without a bone. I’m lost, what’s my purpose in life? VS informed me that this is a very sock heavy blog. I couldn’t argue. I only seem to want to knit socks, and buy sock yarn, and drool on sock yarn. So perhaps I should go with it and challenge myself to clear the needles of socks. Right now I have 3 pairs on the needles and the sock blanket. No way I’m finishing that blanket, but I do need to get back to it. I’ve been a total slacker and haven’t worked on it since the end of December. I’m at least 30 squares behind at this point. But that’s not what we’re talking about here.
For the Melaine socks, I just turned the first heel and have the toe done on the second sock. About 30% done.

For the Aviendha socks, I’m finished with the first sock and at the arch expansion on the second foot. About 65% complete.

For the Ricky Morneaux socks, I’m just past the second heel, the photos a little old. These are going to be as tall as I can make them since I know they’ll shrink (30% silk). About 65% done.

But in all honesty I could easily finish these off in a month. So lets add a fourth pair to make it interesting. And since I’ve been trying to do gift knitting, lets say I have to finish these 3 pairs and knit a 4th pair for someone else by February 28th to be successful! I’m feeling motivated. I have a goal. Now watch those needles fly!

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