Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Trees

This morning as Linus and I were sleeping in, The Boyfriend was getting ready for work. While we were innocently dozing, The Boyfriend entered the room and requested that I knit him SEVEN wine cozies for Christmas gifts. Seven! 7! Seven in less than 20 days. Felted wine cozies for coworkers and professors. I roused enough to say “Well good morning to you. And your crazy!” Of course I’m just like him since I’ve immediately started knitting them.

I finished the first one off with Mum & Memere, at coffee. We went to see the Festival of the Trees display. Such lovely themed trees but nothing I’d ever want as my main Christmas tree.
Did you know we have two trees this year? Yup, after Christmas last year I bought a narrow, prelate, 9 foot tall tree to replace our sad little 5 foot tall one. So this year The Boyfriend wasn’t ready to let go of the little one so he setup both. The big one in the entry way and the little one in the living room. I love the big one with it’s simple white lights. He loves the little colorful one. I have to be sure to light them both every night to keep us both happy.

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Pam said...

Bet you'll have them all knitted and felted by next week!