Friday, April 16, 2010

February Lady Sweater angst

It must be day 12 or 13 on the February Lady Sweater (FLS). I have officially finished the third skein of yarn. 10” of lace on the body have been completed and I want another 4” (only 16 more rows). Followed by 16 rows of garter edging. Each row takes an obscene amount of yarn. Are you as nervous about finishing the body and two sleeves?

I have the afternoon off today and intend to make a dent in those 16 rows if not finish them. So all my worrying about having enough yarn may be a moot point by tomorrow.

Never-the-less, I couldn’t help worrying about it at five this morning. So I did some searching for advice on and found that as a general rule, the front takes a third, the back take another third and long sleeves take the final third of the yarn required for a sweater. I only want elbow length sleeves so perhaps it’s closer to a quarter of the yarn for the sleeves, definitely not the full third.

I weighed what I’ve used and what I have left. Thus far, the sweater has used 715 yards. I had 1,100 yards to begin with. Already I’ve used 2/3rds of the yarn. Long sleeves are clearly not an option when the body needs another 4” of lace and then 2” of garter. The guess of a quarter of the yarn for elbow length would leave 110 yards to finish the body, exactly a half skein. I doubt that will be enough but it is lacey so perhaps. It’s so close I want to close my eyes and look away until the scary part is over. Who knows I could have cap sleeves!!!

But at least I will have used every ounce of this yarn up. Remnants make me sad. They make me think of students who are held back in school. That yarn wasn’t quiet up to par and didn’t make it into the finished object. Poor little remnants.


On the way home I stopped to pickup some ribbon to line the neck and button band with. It took entirely too long and I wasn't happy with the ribbon from either place I stopped. I settled on this one which matches pretty well and is contrasting which is what I had in mind. Now if only I could find buttons...

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