Sunday, April 18, 2010

FLS day 14

FLS day 14, Ravelry tells me so. I have a completed body and thanks to Margot’s help I have procured some beautiful buttons. Overall the sweater is about 3” shorter than I intended but I believe this lace would benefit immensely from some blocking. The more that I look at the sweater in the pattern it’s clear that the lace has been blocked. Currently the sweater hits me at my natural waist. Not my preferred location, but respectable if it doesn’t stretch with the blocking.

I have 90grams about 200 yards left for the sleeves. I am confident that this will be enough to get me to elbow length sleeves, if not three quarter length.

I too have been Persuaded. I have about two hours to go on Jane Austen’s Persuasion. I am surprised to say that I do love this story! I shouldn’t be since it falls squarely in the classification of early 19th century literature which The Boyfriend would be the first to tell you is my favorite. Usually I think of Sci-Fi Fantasy as my favorite but I don’t get the same rich over indulgent feeling I do from Dickens, Bronte, Wilde, Stoker, Shelley, or Austen. Although the plot of Persuasion is predictable, Austen draws out the inevitable conclusion and expertly builds the anticipation. Small wonder this book is a book club favorite. Picture is from the 1995 version staring Amanda Root & Cianran Hinds (Cesar in the HBO series Rome, which you know I adore).

I hope that by the time I finish the story and my coffee I’ll have finished a sleeve. The Boyfriend and I will be running off to B&N to pick up a new knitting magazine that Lucy taunted me with on Friday night. Something German and full of sweaters I must have. Don’t be surprised if I fall victim to my Sunday addiction again this week. I’m sure it’s fine, as long as I continue to finish what I start! And I won’t hear otherwise!


Regan said...

If you like Jane Austen, then you should try my favorite - Northanger Abbey. Masterpiece Theater did a great version of it a couple years ago. It's also probably Austen's shortest book so it would be a quick read (or do the audiobook version if you prefer).

Heather said...

I love love that story and the version of the movie you linked is one I adore as well (and love that it's instant on netflix!) also yay on feb lady. it's looking gorgeous so I hope you do not have sleeve angst. Margot hooked me up with some gorgeous yarn today so I may make a cute tank for the summer... weeeee!